What is Counselling?



Counselling has been called the "talking cure" and is an effective and proven way of releasing tensions, making personal change, and unknotting problems. This way of exploring ourselves and our life situations has been used for centuries. People used to go to the the village elder or the shaman or priest to speak about their problems, their hopes and desires, or their relationships, in an effort to make better sense of their lives.


Counselling can provide support through the painful or complicated periods of life, giving you an opportunity to sort through, and better understand the difficulties you face.

Speaking to a professionally trained listener can help you to make informed changes in your life, and may also help you to come to terms with the things that you cannot change.

Counselling is a wonderful way of exploring who you are, and your unique way of being. By focussing on your habitual ways of reacting and giving attention to your feeling responses you will grow in self awareness and gain greater control over your choices and behaviours. Together we will look at the patterns of behaviour that may be holding you back in life, and find ways to reach for your higher potential.


Counselling is the deliberate use of another person, to hear our story, to help us to accept who we are, to help us to understand ourselves and our lives with greater clarity.

Depending on what brings you to counselling at this time, I offer open-ended therapy, or brief, solution focused counselling. This is guided by your needs and desires, to explore whatever you choose to bring, for help with specific problems, general discontentment or in times of crisis.

My counselling model is "person centred," and I believe that each of us has the ability to find the answers we need to feel fulfilled, and to live our lives in a meaningful way - my work is to help you to hear your own inner voice which will guide you to people and situations that are for your greater good.